About us

With our products, we like to express our Scandinavian heritage. We have grown up and always lived close to the sea. The sterling silver and gold plated anchors together with the nylon and leather cords make up for the perfect tribute to both Scandinavian design and the brave explorers of the seven seas.

Handcrafted with an attention to detail, we hope you’ll love every second you carry your Aston Morris bracelet and let it represent your strength in your everyday life.

Take a plunge and never look back, because Aston Morris did not. Continue to write the story with us. 

The Story

There are men you just can’t forget. Aston Morris is one such man. He was born in a coastal town by the Pacific Ocean. As a young fifteen-year-old, he did serve on a schooner and that was the start of a lifelong adventure. The seas became his life. It was where he experienced freedom. And the feeling of freedom was what filled him with lust and meaning. What drove him forward. The brand Aston Morris is a tribute to the man who dedicated his life to the sea.

Aston Morris was a man with an unwavering gaze. He would purposefully accept the challenges out at sea. His manner of thinking belongs in a lifestyle where one puts trust in volition. Apathy and dejection do not belong there. On the contrary. To value life and its possibilities are the keystone in that lifestyle. Aston Morris used to say that without that willpower, you’re only half a human being. Which ought to be important. He was one who could value life. The truth is that the sea was everything to him.

On a photograph, one can see Aston Morris’s weather-beaten face. His resolute gaze stares into the camera and it witnesses a man with experience. One who commands the sea and the winds’ fickleness. One who was intimate with the imminent dangers on the vast seas. He was but newly turned thirty when he was made captain. The first ship that he commanded was a freighter whose name was Donizetti. The ship went from Genoa to Stockholm. AstonMorris was born to be a captain.